Find Out How You Can Set a Mousetrap Correctly So That You Can Get Rid of Pests and Rodents Quickly

Find Out How You Can Set a Mousetrap Correctly So That You Can Get Rid of Pests and Rodents Quickly

Find Out How You Can Set a Mousetrap Correctly So That You Can Get Rid of Pests and Rodents Quickly

Mice and pests can move into your home or property anytime. But such infestation is more common during the cold weather. For a clean and disease-free environment, you should keep an eye out for the signs of mice moving in. Rats and mice carry different types of bacteria and germs with them and they can easily contaminate food resources and other stuff that you use. Use of mousetraps is an effective way of getting rid of mouse infestation in your place.

To broaden your knowledge and equip you with useful tips in this regard, we’ll discuss the different types of mouse traps, talk about how a mousetrap car works and where you can find better mousetraps.

Types of Mousetraps

Types of MousetrapsOnce rodents have moved into your home, office or property, getting rid of them isn’t going to be easy. For effective solutions, you can seek the expert help of exterminator pest control services. There are various tools and methods that professionals use to control infestation of mice.

Use of mousetraps is one of the many solutions that is used to kill mice. Let us have a quick look at different types of mousetraps.

Sticky Glue Traps:

You might have heard about this type of trap already. The sticky glue trap or glue trap is a material, the top part of which is covered with a glue. While setting this trap, you need to put the bait right in the middle. Additionally, a scent is also used to lure rodents. As soon as the mouse steps on to the material, it gets stuck in the glue and can’t escape.

Snap Traps:

These mousetraps are both popular and commonly used to exterminate rodents in residential and commercial spaces. This is actually a mechanical device on which you can place the bet. As the mouse moves closer to the bait and steps on the trigger, the trap component is released and it comes down on the mouse with enough force to kill it. In this method, the mouse gets killed instantly. However, you need to know how to properly set a mousetrap.

Rodent Zappers:

This device uses a shock to kill mice. Once the mouse gets into the trap, it receives a shock and gets killed. The shock actually contracts the muscles of a rat’s body and the heart stops to function as a result. These mousetraps are also commonly used in a lot of places.

Live Traps:

This mousetraps just traps the mouse but doesn’t kill it. The device is designed to capture the mouse in a cage. All you need to do is set the mousetrap in the correct manner. As the mouse tries to reach the bait, it steps on to the trigger and the cage door shuts. Once the mouse has been caught, you can take the trap outdoors and release the mouse.

Apart from these, there are many other types of mouse traps that you can use for getting rid of rodents in your place. Jaw mousetrap, bucket mousetrap and disposable mouse traps are other effective traps.

Setting a Mousetrap

It is simple to set a mousetrap. But you should know how to set it in a proper manner so that rodents don’t escape and time is not wasted. Different types of mousetraps work in different ways. Whichever of these you use, just get yourself acquainted with the basic functioning of the device.

How to Set a Snap Trap:

Snap TrapsUnpack the mousetrap and remove the staple. After removing the staple, you can pull back the snap wire.

Now, you need to place the bait. Do you know what food items mice and rodents prefer to eat? Food that contains a high amount of protein tastes delicious to rats. The best example is peanut butter. Take some peanut butter and sprinkle some oatmeal over it and use it as the bait. Always remember to place enough peanut butter so that it is all over the trigger. Also, see to it that the bait is sticky enough so that it doesn’t fall off when the mouse tries to reach it.

Correct placement of the mousetrap is important. If the mousetrap is placed in a correct way and position, you can expedite the extermination process and catch and kill more rats in less time.

When placing the trap, make sure the bait faces the wall or the baseboard in a perpendicular position. This will ensure that the mouse will get caught, no matter which direction it approaches from. It is important to place the trap in areas where you have more rats and where you have seen the signs of presence of rodents. Rats like to move along the walls and baseboards. So, putting the mousetrap in these areas will help you speed up the process of catching rats.

Once the mouse has been caught and is dead, you can take the snap trap outside and throw the mouse away.

How to Set a Sticky Mousetrap:

You can also use a sticky or glue mousetrap to get rid of mice in residential and commercial spaces. The placement of bait on a sticky mouse trap is the same as you do with a snap trap.

Peanut butter is a favorite food of rats. There are other options such as chocolates and sunflower seeds that you use in place of peanut butter. Make sure you place the food in the middle of the glue.

Glue traps catch more mice than other mousetraps do. Therefore, you should continue to monitor whether a mouse has been caught. It is important to remember that these traps don’t kill the mice. They simply get the mice stuck. Once a mouse has become stuck in the glue, you’ll need to separate the mouse from the glue so that you can set them free outdoors. While you’re doing this, be careful not to bring your fingers close to the mouth of the angry mouse. Just put enough oil on the body of the mouse so that its coat gets fully wet.

Once the fur of the mouse has soaked enough oil, the mouse will be able to free itself with a little amount of struggle.

Likewise, you can set other mousetraps also. If the mice infestation is too much for you to handle on your own, it is a good idea to get in touch with an exterminator and pest control service in your area. If you reside in Menifee, CA or somewhere close to this area, you can hire the expert services of Activated Pest Solutions Inc, which is a highly reputed, family-owned business.

What is the Most Effective Mousetrap?

There are multiple kinds of mousetraps that you can use. But which one of them is the most effective? Mousetraps vary from one another in terms of design, function, cost, how to set them up etc.

Electric traps use batteries to function. These traps are designed to give shocks to the mouse and kill it through muscle contraction. Glue traps only catch the rats and don’t kill them. Broadly speaking, you can divide mousetraps into two categories – one which only catches and the other that catches and kills. If you use those traps that do not kill, you’ll need to release the rodents outdoors. With glue traps, you have the extra work of soaking the fur of the mouse with oil to make it easy for the mouse to get freed. If your place has only a tiny number of mice and rodents, it is advisable to make use of electric or electronic mousetraps.

In the case of a live catch trap, the rodents are caught but not killed. So, after you have caught a mouse using this tool, you’ll need to release the captured mouse outside. These moustraps are larger in size.

Snap traps are widely used and they are very effective as well. These mousetraps are affordable as well. To find out which mousetrap will work best in your case, you should consider all the factors mentioned about. Think about the level of mouse infestation in your place or property as well as the cost of the mousetraps. Most of all, the mousetrap you are going to use should be easy to use. The designs of mousetraps have also evolved. So, depending on how you want to handle the entire mouse control situation, you can pick a design as per your choice.

What is the Best Mousetrap Bait?

There are a couple of food items that the mouse likes best. As mentioned above, peanut butter is a favorite of rats and mice. Once you have purchased a mousetrap as per your specific needs, you should pay attention to the quality of the bait and how to correctly set the mousetrap in your home or office.

Naturally, mice like to eat seeds. When inside homes, they prefer to have foods that have a rich content of calorie and fats.

peanut butterSome of the most effective baits for mice include:

  • Peanut Butter
  • Chocolate
  • Bird Seeds
  • Nuts
  • Soft cheese

Each bait comes along with its own pros and cons. When choosing a mouse bait, you should always remember to take the scent of that bait into consideration. Although mice have poor eyesight, they have a strong sense of smell. If you use a bait which also has an attractive smell, you’ll be able to lure mice easily. In any case, keep in mind to use the right amount of bait. If the quantity of the bait is too much, the rodents can take away some of it without getting trapped.

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