Pest Extermination Services in Menifee, CA

Exterminator Services in & near Menifee, CA

Beetle Control

Beetles come in a variety of sizes and colors, but none of them belong in your home or office. Keep beetles at bay by calling Activated Pest Solutions Inc Inc in Menifee for beetle EXECUTION services you can trust.

Cockroach Control in & near Menifee, CA

Roach Control

Roaches breed quickly, which makes an infestation difficult to control. Our pest control services come with effective treatments for EXECUTING roaches and preventing future colonies from infiltrating your home or office.

Bed Bug Control in & near Menifee, CA

Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs are nuisance insects that feed on human blood and cause clusters of nocturnal bites. As if you needed another reason to EXECUTE your bed bugs! Call us to your home or business for bed bug exterminator services.

Ant Control in & near Menifee, CA

Ant Control

If you spot one ant in your home, chances are that there are more. Our pest exterminator services experts EXECUTE ants and their colonies, cut off access to their food sources, and patch access points to keep your home ant-free.

Pest Control in & near Menifee, CA

Cricket Control

Crickets are typically harmless, but they jump and sometimes fly, and they can make a loud chirping noise when mating, which usually occurs at night. You can get rid of them by calling the cricket exterminator services experts.

Wasp Control in & near Menifee, CA

Bee & Wasp Control

Warmer weather brings beautiful flowers and also bees & wasps. Unfortunately they can be territorial and will sting when threatened. Call us to keep your summer fun intact with effective bee and wasp exterminator services.

Spider Control

Spider Control

Of all species of spider, the Black Widow has the most notorious reputation. Most can recognize this vicious spider by its characteristic inch-and-a-half length, black or brown body, severe legs, and the trademark hourglass on its abdomen.