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Pest Solutions and Control in and near Menifee, California

Pest Solutions in & near Menifee, Ca

Activated Pest Solutions Inc Inc is a full-service pest control service in Menifee, Riverside, Moreno Valley, Perris, Temecula, Murrietta, Lake Elsinore, San Bernardino, and Rialto California. We provide complete pest control to home and business owners who are intent on keeping their property pest-free for the long-term.
If you see the signs of pests or have witnessed an insect, spider, rodent, or another kind of critter, we have a family tradition of EXECUTING pests fast. Call now for a free quote.

Keeping a Pest-Free Home or Office is Important!

Keeping pests at bay is the ultimate goal of our experienced exterminator team. Maintaining a pest-free home or working space all year round can prevent many other issues that can be caused by pests, including asthma and allergy flare-ups, not to mention the spread of disease.
Rodents can destroy your property and Bed bugs can make a feast of you while you sleep. No matter which types of pests have infiltrated your general area, our exterminators have the pest control treatments you can trust.

Pest Control Solutions in & near Menifee, Ca

Family-Safe Pest Solutions and control services in & near Menifee, Ca

Each of us at Activated Pest Solutions Inc cares about the community we serve and the environment where we live. We also remain dedicated to keeping the homes and offices around Menifee and surrounding areas free of pests while offering family-safe, pet-safe, and environmentally friendly pest control treatments to each client we serve. That means that you can rest assured that your health and comfort are always in mind whenever you call our exterminators to the places where you live and work. Let us EXECUTE the pests in and around your home or office with safe and effective pest control that lasts.

Pest Solutions and Pest Control Services for All Menifee Residents

Complete Pest Protection

When you see pests, your first step is to call Activated Pest Solutions Inc Inc for a customized quote. Our technicians are highly trained and can assess your property to the fullest extent. Tests for various pests can include looking for droppings, holes, urine, etc…

Once your exterminator has determined the type of pest and the style of solution needed, we’ll be ready to get to work on your schedule.

Pest Control Services in and near Menifee, Ca
Bug Control in & near Menifee, CA

Exterior Pest Solutions & Services in & near Menifee, Ca

Your pest control professional will perform exterior pest control services as the first line of defense against pests trying to enter your home.

Special pest control treatments can also be applied to adult colonies to keep larvae from hatching and becoming a future invasion threat. With full-scale interior and exterior pest control, your home will become like a fortress designed to keep pests out.

Interior Pest Solutions & Services in & near Menifee, Ca

Your exterminator’s first goal will be to control an infestation on the inside of your home or office. This is where your family eats and sleeps, or where your coworkers spend the majority of their days. We can keep the interior of your building free of pests using a variety of pest control treatments. We may use wipes, powders, aerosol blasts, pest monitoring stations, bait stations, and more.
Since there are many places throughout a building for a pest to hide, our experienced pest control experts will take every precaution to keep future pests out once the existing ones are EXECUTED for good. Every area of your interior space will be inspected, such as doors and windows, areas near pipes and vents, and inside attics and crawl spaces. If any areas of entry are identified, those vulnerabilities will be patched and secured to keep your property under constant protection.

Contact Us to Keep Your Property Pest-Free!

Have you seen a roach? Did you wake up with bed bug bites? Whether you require ant control, rat control, or pest control services of any other kind, we are your full-service exterminator service.

We want to talk to you if you require interior and exterior pest control services with a quality guarantee.

We proudly serve the areas of Riverside County, Los Angeles County, San Bernardino County, and San Diego, and we look forward to serving you. If you hate seeing creepy crawlies around your home or office, we offer the best pest control services to keep your property safe from pests permanently.

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