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Ant Control Services by Expert Exterminators in and near Menifee, California

Ant Control in and near Menifee, Ca

Ants can invade your home, even if you consider yourself a clean person. Like most pests, ants do not discriminate. If these creepy crawlies can find a way in, they will, and these unwanted house guests can cause several problems once they find their way inside. Not only can you find ants crawling on your walls and across your floors, but your food could become contaminated, and some species bite.

Whether you have seen a single ant, or you’ve seen a dozen, Activated Pest Solutions can EXECUTE your insect problem with extreme precision, just give us a call to get the ant control you need. Here are the ants you are likely to see in your home.

Ant Control in Menifee,CA

Kinds of Ants – Menifee Ant Exterminator Services

Most ants are harmless, but some can deliver a nasty bite. Others can cause destruction in and around your home. Here are the most common species of ant you are likely to see in the Menifee, Riverside, Moreno Valley, Perris, Temecula, Murrietta, Lake Elsinore, San Bernardino, and Rialto. Read them before doing any action for ant control.

Argentine Ants

If you see an ant in your home, chances are it’s an Argentine ant. These ants are very small, around a sixteenth of an inch, and vary in color from dark to light brown.
Considered an invasive species, the ants arrived from South America by hopping a ride on coffee ships back in the late 19th century. Since then, the six-legged insects have been invading California homes, much to the frustration of property owners.
Argentine ants are attracted to sources of moisture, like potted plants, bathrooms, irrigation systems, and dripping sinks. The insects also prefer sweets, including honey, sugar, syrup, and even meat.
Unlike some of their cousins, these ants do not bite or sting.

Ant Control

Do you have Ant problem? Are these tiny pest invading your home? To get the best pest control you can find in and near Menifee, CA call us at Activated Pest Solutions.

Odorous House Ant

These ants emit a rotten smell when squashed. Luckily for us, the Argentine ant has largely displaced the entire species of Odorous House Ant.
Other than their nasty smell, these ants do not bite or sting. Call us at Activated Pest Solutions for ant control in & near Menifee are.

Ant Control in and near Menifee, Ca

Fire Ants

California fire ants have a nasty bite that can hurt as much as a bee sting. While not as prominent as its gentler cousin, the Argentine ant, these ants can invade your home. They tend to live in small, inland colonies and thankfully reproduce in small numbers.
The bad news is that the California fire ant’s distant cousin, the Red Imported fire ant, has recently moved to locations near Southern California, which means you may see these tiny red buggers soon. One bite from an Imported Red, and you may be seeing that very color, as the bite can be even more ferocious that of the California Red.

Carpenter Ant

These ants cause damage to wood, much like termites and some beetles. They tend to enter your home by slipping into wooden beams. The insects carve out enclaves, which can lead to extensive structural damage.
Carpenter Ants can grow up to a half-inch in length or more. You know you have an infestation of carpenter ants by their characteristic piles of sawdust they leave behind. You might also hear them working, which sounds like rustling inside the walls.

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    How to Do Ant Control in and Around Your Home

    Ants can be attracted to moisture. The insects and arachnids may also want to take advantage of your shelter and food you have in your cabinets and pantry.

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