Pest Proof Your Home or Business This Winter

Pest Proof Your Home or Business This Winter

Pest Proof Your Home or Business This Winter

During the winter season, many individuals prefer to stay in their cozy and warm homes. However, this season also attracts numerous pests that look for refuge from the low temperatures and inclement weather. Pests can infiltrate your home or business through various entry points, such as fissures, openings, or perforations in the walls, floors, or roofs. They can also hitchhike on your garments, luggage, or parcels. Once they gain access, they can pose multiple threats, such as impairing your property, adulterating your food, transmitting diseases, and harming your reputation. Therefore, it is essential to pest-proof your home or business in the winter to deter and exclude these unwelcome visitors. In this article, we will present some efficient methods to pest proof your home or business in the winter and maintain your space sanitary and secure.

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How Do Insects and Pests Overwinter And Survive The Cold Season? 

Insects and other invertebrates have different ways of coping with the cold season. Some of the ways they use are moving to warmer places (migration), slowing down their body functions, burrowing in the ground, sheltering in tree barks, allowing themselves to freeze, losing body water, clearing their guts from food, and so on. These ways help them survive the winter, and they revive when the temperature rises. 

Common Winter Pests and How to Pest Proof Them

When the cold winter weather arrives, rodents and pests look for cozy and safe places to stay, just like people do. Some of the typical winter pests are rats, mice, spiders, cockroaches, and cluster flies. These pests can cause trouble by making people uncomfortable, destroying property, and carrying germs and dirt. They can also bring along other issues such as lice, fleas, and ticks. So, how can you prevent these pests from invading your home or business? Check out our tips below to prevent these top 5 winter pests!

Cockroaches and Pest Proof

Cockroaches in your home or business are distressing and dangerous. These fearsome pests can stay lively throughout the year. They carry diseases like Salmonella, Dysentery, and gastroenteritis and worsen eczema and asthma. The German cockroach is the most common. They sneak in with bags, boxes, and purchases and gather where there is food and water. They spread diseases and cause allergies. They are tough and breed fast, so you need professional treatment and products to get rid of them.

To pest proof your house against Cockroaches you have to consider the following tips in your house :

Eliminate Food Sources

 To deter cockroaches, remove their food, water, and shelter. Also, Make sure you do not leave any liquids in sinks or buckets, as they can attract pests. Remember to keep your counters clean and free of food crumbs or spills and Store your dry foods in sealed containers to prevent pests from accessing them. Also, Rinse your cans, bottles, and plastics before recycling or disposing of them, empty your rubbish daily, and keep your bins closed and clean.


Dispose of leftover food and liquids, and clean up food scraps from cooking areas, below sinks, and devices. Also, take away pet food, water, and litter boxes at dusk.


 Cockroaches signal other roaches with a chemical in their poop that they have a secure shelter. So, get rid of old papers and magazines, unwanted cardboard boxes, and any other mess from the ground or lower cabinets where these pests can reach easily.

Take Preventive Measures

 Coat wood shelves with varnish or paint to close them, and clean them often. It’s recommended to Inspect risky places where cockroaches can enter the home – gaps, holes, vents, sewers, and pipe drains. Then, close areas like cracks in walls, near baseboards, behind power outlets, under kitchen sinks, and bathroom cabinets to shrink possible hiding areas

Take Prompt Action

Cockroach control can be hard without expert skills and tools. So, if you have a cockroach issue that DIY methods can’t solve, call a pest control expert.

Rats And Rats Proofing

Rats like to live in places where they are not disturbed, such as basements, garbage dumps, and sewer systems. Since they have powerful teeth, they can chew through many things, such as plastic and pipes. They can also transmit illnesses such as cowpox, rat-bite fever, and jaundice.

To pest proof your house against rats you have to consider the following tips in your house :

  • Entrances: Small gaps under doors let young rats in, so put strips on door bottoms to stop them. They also enter through cat flaps and make gaps bigger by biting to get into homes through garages.
  • Gaps in exterior walls: Fill holes or openings (near cables or pipes) with steel wool and caulk or concrete. Use steel or aluminum plates. Since rats jump look up to 4 feet high.
  • Roofs: Rats use cables or branches to reach lofts and attics through roof gaps. Fix the roof and cover gaps with wire mesh.
  • Drains and sewer pipes: Rats can swim through broken sewers and toilets, so close toilet lids They also enter through drains and outlets. It’s good to cover drains with metal grates or screens, especially in basements, and check pipes often and fix any damage right away.

Mice And Mice Proofing

Many people find mice in their houses at some point and unfortunately, they can be found in winter too. These little pests prefer to stay in basements and attics. They can start electrical fires by biting on wires in ceilings and attics. They can also transmit illnesses such as tapeworms and salmonella.

The proof techniques for mice are similar to those for rats, but there are some differences. Mice are curious and less wary, so traps and baits work immediately. Mice like grains, nuts, seeds, and peanut butter, while rats like meat, fish, and fruits. Moreover, mice squeeze through tinier spaces than rats, so close any cracks bigger than a pencil eraser.

Cluster Flies And Flies Proofing

Fly Control in Winter

Cluster flies are a nuisance in autumn and winter. They come inside through gaps in roofs and eaves and stay in warm, sunny places. They leave in spring but may come back. Although they don’t harm humans, they annoy them. They swarm in thousands and smell bad and often stain fabrics and walls. Also, they are a problem for the food industry because they can spoil food and spread diseases. So, you need to keep food areas pest-free. Otherwise, you could lose customers, money, and business.

To pest proof flies, you can do some useful things to repel them. Some of these ways are free and only need your time to action.

  • Stop flies from entering: close windows and doors or use curtains to block light at night.
  • Fly screens: install fly screens on windows near kitchen and waste areas.
  • Cover food: flies carry diseases by touching food before we do. So always apply a cover on your food
  • Clear away: remove food scraps and liquid spills right away from under kitchen units and devices.
  • Dustbins: make sure all dustbins have tight lids.
  • Pets – tidy up after pets. Their poo is a great place for flies to breed, and they may touch it before touching your food.
  • Clear up dead flies: they are a yummy treat for other bugs like carpet beetles.
  • Water butts: put well-fitting lids on them.
  • Standing water – do not keep standing water (like in watering cans) as this lets mosquitoes breed.
  • Ponds: if you have a garden pond, add goldfish as they will eat fly babies.

Spiders And Spiders Proofing

Most spiders are not dangerous, but they can scare some people, especially those with arachnophobia. However, some spiders have poison and can be a serious threat. Spiders like quiet places, making their webs in garages, attics, basements, and closets.

Spiders can enter the property through tree branches. So, trim your garden, and keep walls and roofs free from hanging limbs. To eliminate spider eggs, you’ll have to vacuum your property well. Remember to vacuum the dark, ignored corners of your property. And store clothes and shoes in plastic containers. Because spiders may make a nest in items that are not used often!

We have the skills, tools, and methods to keep your home or business pest-free. Also, we offer cheap, dependable, and green pest control solutions that fit your needs. Call us today at 951-450-4315 and let us pest proof your place in no time and with high quality.

What Should I Do to Pest Proof My House Against Winter Pests Generally?

  • Cover your attic, roof, and crawl space vents with 1/4-inch wire mesh (hardware cloth) to keep out birds, bats, squirrels, rodents, and other animals. Also, get a chimney cap to prevent pests from entering
  • Check your home for any openings, spaces, gaps, or cracks that pests such as mice can squeeze through, and caulk them with steel wool, sealant, metal plates, or hardware cloth
  • Since Insects and spiders can get in through gaps that are 1/16 inch or smaller, put door sweeps or thresholds on the bottom of all doors that lead outside. To do it properly, look for any light coming under the doors while lying on the floor. 
  • Maintain a clean and orderly garden and property and don’t give pests like rats any cozy spots to hide
  • Put away any food and keep it in secure glass or metal containers
  • Remember the dangers of pet food and bird seed.  All food should be removed and stored securely.
  • Rats love garbage, so don’t let them reach any leftover food, and keep garbage in sturdy metal bins.
  • If you have compost piles, don’t add any food to the compost. Otherwise, some pests like rats will flock to it.
  • Cut any plants, vines, or bushes that reach your roof or walls, and remove any mess or wood that rats can nest in
  • Keep your counters and floors clean, and repair any dripping pipes or drains
  • Use an exterior (barrier) treatment with insecticides. Although Sealing is the best way to keep out pests from outside, pest-proofing can be hard and not always possible. For clients who need another option, pest proofing can be improved by an exterior treatment with an insecticide.

Benefits of Hiring a Pest Control Company and Professionals to Pest Proof

By hiring pest control professionals, you can benefit from their expertise and equipment, which are customized to your needs and comply with safety standards. You can also protect yourself and your family from the harmful effects of pests, such as infections, allergic reactions, rashes, and toxic exposure. Moreover, you can avoid wasting time and money on ineffective DIY methods and prevent further pest problems and damage to your property.

FAQs on How to Pest Proof Your Place

What Is the Most Effective Measure For Preventing Pests?

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says that the best way to stop pests is to do pest prevention first. This means taking away food, water, and places to hide for pests, and closing any holes or gaps that they can get into your home or business through.

Can Pest Proof Services Ensure That There Are No Pests?

Pest proofing helps prevent pests, but it’s not foolproof. Some pests can still get in or live in your space, especially if they are hard to control. So, you need to check, watch, and treat your space with a pest expert.

Can You Do Pest Proofing Only Before Pests Show Up or Also After You See Them?

You can do pest proofing either before or after pests appear, but it is smarter to do it before. If you do it before, you can keep pests out and avoid problems. If you do it after, you can limit pests from growing and expanding. But pest proofing by itself may not work to eliminate pests that are already in and You might need to use other ways.

Pest Proof Your Home or Business in Winter with Activated Pest Control Solutions

Winter is a time to enjoy the comfort and warmth of your home or business, but not for pests. Pests can invade your space in various ways and cause many problems, such as damage, disease, and discomfort. You can prevent these pests by following some simple and effective tips to pest proof your home or business in the winter. However, if you already have a pest infestation that is beyond your control, you need professional help. Activated Pest Control Solutions is the best choice for pest control, termite treatment, and exterminator services in Menifee, CA. We have the experience, expertise, and equipment to handle any pest problem, no matter how big or small. Don’t let pests ruin your winter. Call us today at 951-450-4315 and get a free quote and a consultation. We will make your home or business pest-free and safe.

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