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Pest Proofing in and near Menifee, Ca

Activated Pest Solutions Inc Inc wants to pest proof your home. It is one thing to EXECUTE pests once they have managed to get into your home, but insects, spiders, rodents, and other pests can continue to make appearances if you don’t take steps to fortify your property against future invasions.
Our experienced exterminators have the safe and effective treatments to EXECUTE your pests and keep them out for good with proven pest proof control.

What Makes a Home or Office Pest Proof?

You will know your home is pest proof when rats, wasps, bees, ants, roaches, and spiders cannot gain entry. Unfortunately, there are many places within a structure that can be advantageous to a pest intent on infiltrating your residential or commercial property. This is why a full-scale pest proofing is required. Only one of our trained exterminators can determine where pests are gaining entry into your living or working space, and which treatments are necessary to keep pests out for the long-term.

Pest Proofing in and near Menifee, Ca

If areas of entry are identified, such as breaks in the wall next to pipes, gaps in the insulation around doors and windows, and the more hidden away spaces like attics and crawl spaces, these will need to be secured to prevent a future invasion.

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Pest Proofing & Entry Point Protection

Patching areas where pests can gain entry might not be enough. Proper rodent control, spider control or roach control will require specific treatments that only a trained exterminator can provide. Our pest proofing experts will apply the required pest treatments to crevices and cracks, and all other areas where pests are gaining entry to your home or office.
These pest control solutions will be applied inside and outside your property for complete pest proofing all year round. We recommend that you have these services reapplied regularly to keep your property fortified against all types of pests, which can include roaches, ants, silverfish, earwigs, crickets, rats, and more.

Pest Proofing in and near Menifee, Ca
Pest Proofing in and near Menifee, Ca

Exterior Pest Proofing Services

To ensure your residential or commercial property remains protected from pests throughout the year, your exterminator will need to examine your yard, garage, and all other exterior spaces.

Your pest proofing expert isn’t just looking for signs of insect colonies and other indications that an infestation has occurred, but moisture levels will also be determined. Excess moisture in the soil and damp tree limbs on your property can attract certain types of pests.

One-Time & Regular Pest Proofing Treatments

As pest proofing professionals, we are known for arriving on your property quickly to EXECUTE the pests inside and outside of your property. We can pest-proof your home for one time services the moment you see a pest or suspect an infestation. We can also come out for regular inspections and pest EXECUTIONS. We recommend regular pest control services if you want to keep a pest proofed property long into the future.
Our exterminators are experienced, bonded, licensed, and insured. 

Menifee Pest Proofing

We are ready to EXECUTE the pests in and around your property with proven pest control treatments that will keep your family safe.

If you live in Menifee, California, Riverside, Moreno Valley, Perris, Temecula, Murrietta, Lake Elsinore, San Bernardino, and Rialto and you want to pest-proof your property.

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