Termite Inspection for Home Purchase

Termite attack is a nightmare for homeowners. Once these pests have entered your house or apartment, they can cause a lot of damage. They will attack wooden furniture and items made of plastic and paper. If you spot the presence of termites in your home, you should immediately pay attention and take the right steps for their removal. Getting a termite inspection done is the first essential step to deal with the problem in an effective manner. An inspection is ideal even when you purchase a new home. This is to ensure the protection of your investment.

Severe termite infestations can compromise the overall structural integrity of a house or building. Termites do not just attack materials such as wood, plastic, and paper, but they can cause damage to the foundation of a property. Timely and effective pest control can eliminate the risk of such damage.

A Termite Inspection is the Best Preventive Measure

Homeowners suffer damages worth billions due to termite infestations every year. While there are several methods to get rid of these pests, the best preventive measure is to get a termite inspection.

Termites can continue to cause damage even when you can’t spot them in your house. They will make colonies inside walls or in the ground near the foundations of a house or apartment. By the time they actually become visible, it may be too late. Particularly, if you are buying a new property, the presence of termites can jeopardize your investment and lead to expensive damages.

With the help of a professional pest control company such as Activated Pest Solutions, you can get a termite inspection done and find out if the home you are purchasing has been attacked by these pests. If you have never had such an inspection, you should definitely broaden your knowledge on how a termite inspection is done and how you can prepare for the same. If your property is located in and near Menifee and Inland Empire, California, you should reach out to one of our pest management specialists to schedule a professional termite inspection.

A termite inspection makes it easy to evaluate the severity of the infestation and then determine the most ideal methods for pest removal. Prevention is always the best remedy to avoid severe pest attacks.

When You Purchase a New Home

Termite Control for Home Purchase

Before you buy a new home, it is extremely important to find out whether the property is a good one. You will never want to invest in a property whose walls and other structures have been attacked by termites.

Most lending institutions will want you to get a termite inspection done before financing you to purchase a new property. Unless you submit a termite-free bill of health, the company might not lend you money at all. So, it will be necessary to have a termite inspection conducted in advance. If it is found in the inspection that the new property has a termite invasion, you will first need to hire a pest control company to treat the property and repair the damages.

Instead of making your investment fraught with risks, it is always better and safer to go for a termite inspection before purchase.

If you plan for hassle-free refinancing, you will certainly need to get a report from a licensed pest control company that the property is free from termites. This is a term that most mortgage companies will want you to abide by. The good thing is that getting an inspection for the presence of termites is not difficult. All you need to do is hire a termite inspection company in your location. Licensed professionals will explain everything that you need to do to prepare for the same.

Benefits of Termite Inspection for Home Buyers

The fact that lending companies want you to submit termite-free proof for a property actually works in your favor. In fact, there are significant benefits of getting an inspection done when you buy a new home.

Buyers Guarantee:

A termite inspection guarantees that the real estate transaction will take place in a proper manner. This enables the buyer to be fully aware of the condition of the property they want to buy. Not just for the buyer, a termite inspection keeps the seller of the property well-informed too.

Value of the Home:

Before buying a property, it is crucial to assess the actual present value of that property. If the property has a termite invasion, its value will be affected as a result of that. Having full knowledge of the condition of the property will help you negotiate its price in a considerable way.

Regular Treatment:

If the inspection shows that the new home has the presence of termites, you will be in a better position to deal with the issue in an effective manner. By getting regular termite treatment, you will be able to get rid of the pests and safeguard your valuable investment.

After the termite inspection is complete, the pest control experts will give you a report of what they found. Based on this, the professionals will also come up with a proper plan to eliminate the pest infestation.

How to Prepare a Home for a Termite Inspection

Before termite inspectors arrive in your home or building, you will be required to do some prep work. There are some simple steps that you should take to make the process hassle-free for the inspector.

Move a Few Things:

There are some specific areas that need to be cleared for the inspection to go smoothly. The inspector will examine the areas around the sink and the walls in the garage as well as the furniture items. Just make sure the sink has no clutter or items under it. Whether it is the kitchen or the bathroom, the areas around the sink need to be cleared for inspection.

Access to the Attic:

Termites like to grow and take shelter in the attic. The area remains undisturbed and safe for their activity. When a pest control specialist arrives in your home, they will need to examine the attic for the presence and attack of termites. So, you should make proper arrangements in order for the pest control professional to carry out their examination of the attic.

Clearance around the Walls:

During a termite inspection, the professional will examine the walls as well as the foundations of the property. If you have placed things close to or against the wall, you will need to move them. Clearing the area in advance will save a lot of time and make the inspection go without any hindrance. If you have some plants close to the exterior walls, have them trimmed.

Clear the Access Opening:

If the property is built on an elevated foundation, you will need to clear the access opening to the subarea. If the entryway is free from any kind of blockage, inspection will be smooth.

You can also talk to the termite control company you hire to find out how to properly prepare a property for inspection. At Activated Pest Solutions, we closely work with homeowners for the prep work. If you are planning for an inspection, feel free to reach out to one of our specialists for advice.

What to Expect from Termite Inspectors

Pest Control Services in Menifee, CA

A termite inspector is highly proficient in carrying out the inspection of the interiors and the exteriors of a property or building.

The professional looks for these signs:

  • Stuck doors and windows
  • Mud tubes
  • Peeling off of paint and wallpaper
  • Discarded wings
  • Termite swarmers
  • Termite droppings
  • Discoloration of drywall
  • Moisture-damaged wood
  • Buckling or swollen floorboards

There are many other signs that pest control specialists will use to identify the presence of termites in a property. Whether it is the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, or foundation, the inspector will check every room and every area of the property using various methods and techniques.

Once the termite inspection of the property has been completed, the inspector will let you know of the findings. Based on what was found, the specialist will also recommend the most ideal solutions for the removal of the pests. If it is found that termites have attacked the foundations of the property, the professionals will recommend immediate treatment to protect the property. Make sure you ask the termite inspector for the inspection report to keep it as a record.

Hire Professional Termite Inspectors

If you plan to safely invest in a new home, you should definitely schedule a termite inspection before you purchase the property. The inspection will make the refinancing of your new property hassle-free and keep your property in good condition for the future. At Activated Pest Solutions in and near Menifee and Inland Empire, we provide termite inspection services for a wide range of family houses, apartments, condos, and other residential buildings. With our highly trained team of experts, we will ensure to conduct the termite inspection in a professional manner. We will also give you a detailed report of the findings.

To schedule your free consultation with our termite inspector, you can give our office a quick phone call or write us an email.

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