How Can We Use Fumigation to Get Rid of Pests?

How Can We Use Fumigation to Get Rid of Pests?

How Can We Use Fumigation to Get Rid of Pests?

A pest-infested home is a big cause of worry for a homeowner. Whether you live in a house, apartment or condo, you will never want to have bed bugs, termites, rodents, and other pests as guests in your property. If you have noticed a bug attack in your home, you should urgently seek the help of a pest control company or a professional who has experience in the removal of pests.

Among other techniques to get rid of pests, one of the most popular and effective is the method of fumigation. However, they use this technique only when the pest infestation in a home or office is severe.

Though fumigation is a highly effective method to remove pests, its application requires deep knowledge and experience. In fact, it is a multi-step procedure that involves a number of treatments. If you have a bad infestation, you can use fumigants to get rid of the pests fast. However, you should never try to carry out the procedure on your own. Always, reach out to reputed and experienced pest control and extermination services such as Activated Pest Solutions Inc to get the job done right. If you want to read and know more about what fumigation means and how to perform the procedure for pest removal, keep reading.

What is Fumigation?

Fumigation is an extremely effective process to kill a wide range of pests. It acts by suffocating and killing them within an area or space. It is carried out using gaseous chemicals, which need to be sprayed in a room that is infested. Before fumigants are applied in a room or area, family and pets need to be vacated. The entire process can take a couple of hours to a whole week. During this period, the residents of the property will not be allowed to enter the property.

The use of fumigants is not the first line of defense for the removal of pests and bugs. They only perform it when the infestation is too bad and it is fast spreading to other areas of a residential or business property.

Preparation Before the Fumigation Procedure Begins

Pest ControlBefore the application of fumigants starts, the infested house or property needs to be prepared for the same. Given below are some of the most important steps that should be followed by homeowners.

Arrange for an Alternative Place to Stay

Fumigation is a process that involves the use of chemicals. Once the application has started, you will not be allowed inside the property. That is why you should arrange for you and your family an alternative accommodation for the entire period during which the process is taking place. Not just humans, plants, and pets too need to be taken out of the house and moved to another place.

You should have a discussion with the pest control company in advance to prepare and plan for fumigation in a proper manner.

Keep all the Doors Opened

Don’t forget to open all the doors and windows inside your property. The fumigants need to reach every space and area inside your home or office. In fact, all the drawers, closets, and cabinets also need to remain open so that the chemicals can reach there as well, for the best results.

Move or Double-Seal All Food Items

Before fumigation of your property begins, all the food items and consumable products need proper sealing. Even better, seal them and move them to another place for more safety. Packaged items do not need additional sealing. Put open food products into air-tight containers. The fumigator will guide you through the entire process and they will get it done for you as well.

A professional pest extermination company has a checklist of all the tasks that it must do ahead of fumigation.

Give the Fumigator Access to Every Area of the House

Fumigators Access to HouseThe fumigator will need access to every area of the property to effectively perform the procedure of fumigation.

After you and your family have vacated the house, you should hand over the keys to your house to the fumigator. The pest control company may double lock the areas of the house after applying the fumigants. This is to eliminate any risks of anyone getting inside the house. You will be able to re-enter your house or apartment only after the fumigator has permitted it. For more details in regard to your re-entry into your home, you should have a discussion with the pest control company you have hired to carry out the fumigation procedure.

Types of Chemicals Used for Fumigation

Fumigation involves the application of different types of chemicals. The selection of the chemicals is done on the basis of the type of targeted pests and the degree of the pest infestation in your home. For example, they use different chemicals to get rid of termites and other pests such as rodents.

Based on what will be most effective, the fumigator or the pest extermination specialist can use any of these gaseous chemicals:

Since there are multiple species of pests, each of these chemicals serves to kill some specific types of pests and bugs. Magnesium phosphide is often applied when a house is attacked by termites or agricultural pests. Likewise, other chemicals are used to kill and get rid of other pests.

Pest extermination experts have deep knowledge of all the gaseous chemicals that they use to fumigate a property. After an initial inspection of the infestation, the expert fumigator will create an effective action plan. It includes the selection of chemicals and their application in a correct manner. It is for the pest control company to carry out the entire process in a way that is safe for the surrounding environment. Depending on the specific needs, the fumigator may also customize the methods to reach every nook and crevice of a house.

Can You Do Fumigation Yourself?

Fumigation involves the application of a range of toxic, gaseous chemicals. So, this is not going to be a simple task. If the pest infestation inside your property is small or it is just in one room, you may want to fumigate the area yourself. Still, you will need to follow every step in a correct manner.

To get rid of a small pest infestation, you can purchase fumigation products from the market and apply them yourself. Before you take the DIY route, you will need to do some research in regard to the selection of the chemical products and their correct application for the best results. However, if the infestation is a large one and the required process of fumigation is going to be extensive, you should always seek the help of an experienced pest control service provider. A professional will apply the right fumigation chemicals, carry out the entire procedure according to a plan, prepare your home for it in a proper manner and do packaging carefully.

Always remember that spreading pesticides throughout your property needs to be done in a correct manner. If done incorrectly, you could put the health and life of your family and pets at risk. If you know you can’t do it right, head straight to a professional to do the job right and have peace of mind.

Talk to Professional Fumigators

If all your DIY efforts to solve your pest problem have failed, you should turn to pros for expert help. At Activated Pest Solutions Inc, we have a highly skilled and trained team of fumigators. They will help you get rid of your pest problem. All you need to do is to tell us about your problem. Next, our professionals will visit your space for an initial inspection. After a free consultation, we will create a customized plan to exterminate pests in your property through fumigation. Our company has an outstanding reputation for carrying out fumigation in a manner. It is not just effective in the complete extermination of pests but also in the safe handling of products.

To have your free pest extermination consultation, give us a phone call or write us an email via the contact form on our website.


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