Is Your Home Infested with Bed Bugs?

Is Your Home Infested with Bed Bugs?

Is Your Home Infested with Bed Bugs? Use These Treatment Methods to Kill Bed Bugs Fasts and Remove Infestation

What Kills Bed Bugs Instantly

Bed bugs infestation is dreaded by every homeowner. Once these tiny bloodsuckers get into your bed, they will ruin your sleep. Even though they have tiny brains, they are quite smart. At your slightest movement in the bed, they will quickly move and hide themselves to make detection really hard. At the same time, bed bugs are also tough and it is not easy to get rid of or kill them.

People whose homes have been invaded by bedbugs often turn to the internet to find out about effective ways to kill bed bugs instantly. Since these unwelcome visitors have been living toubling humans for ages, there are also many solutions that you can use for this pest problem. However, it is not very quick and easy to remove bed bugs from your home. If you want to get rid of bed bugs, you need to have a lot of patience – particularly if the infestation is of a large scale. Talking to a pest management service is also a good idea if you want fast results.

If you can handle the bed bugs infestation on your own, it is really great. But if it is just too much for you to deal with, you should seek the help of a bed bugs removal expert. Below, we’ll talk about how bed bugs enter your home, what attracts them and how you can remove these nasty insects.

How Do Bed Bugs Enter into Your Home?

The first thing you need to know is what brings bed bugs into your home. Usually, these six-legged, nasty insects enter into your home via travel luggage or secondhand items of furniture or clothing that you bring in.

If your neighbor has a bed bugs infestation in their home, they can carry bed bugs or the nymphs into your home every time they visit you. Bed bugs are quite notorious for latching on to a range of items or stuff such as clothing and linen. If you visit a house that is infested with bed bugs, these insects can hitch ride on your clothing and enter into your home. That is exactly why bed bugs infestation are so common and they can spread so quickly. If you notice bed bugs in a place you visit, you should be extremely careful not to carry them home with you.

Bed bugs can also travel from one room to another in a building. If a room is infested with bed bugs, the adjacent room is at a high risk of getting infested as well – unless due care and attention is paid.

What Attracts Bed Bugs

If you have bed bugs in your house, it is not because of the clutter or the mess. Bed bugs can invade your home regardless of whether your house is tidy and clean or it is messy. Since bed bugs feed on human blood, it is human blood which attracts them to a house. Wherever they find people, they can latch on to their clothes and hide in the bed seams to suck on blood.

Thankfully, bed bugs don’t have the ability to transfer disease from one person to another as they feed on human blood. No scientific evidence has been found in this regard as yet. So, no worries about that.

However, bed bugs do bite. Their bites can lead to rashes on the skin and small red areas on the skin.

Now, Here’s How to Kill and Get Rid of Bed Bugs

How to Kill and Get Rid of Bed BugsThere are multiple methods that you can use to kill bed bugs. Each of these treatment methods has their own pros and cons. Equipped with some knowledge and some tips from an expert, you’ll be able to get rid of bed bugs on your own. Also, it is important to understand that the level of infestation is not the same in every case. Depending on to what degree bed bugs have invaded a home, apartment complex or a hotel, you need to find and use the most suitable method.

The removal of bed bugs cannot be achieved in just one step. It is a process and you need to carefully follow each step.

Find Out if Infestation is Small or Big: As soon as you suspect that bed bugs are present in your beds, furniture or couch cushions, you should first try to find out which areas of your house have been infested and how much infestation there is in each of those areas. If there is little infestation, killing the bed bugs can be easy and quick. But the problem with small infestation is that it is hard to take note of – unless you are very conscious of bed bug bites.

Therefore, look for the signs of infestation in all the suspected places. Though live bed bugs are the clearest sign of an infestation, there are some other signs that will make you aware of the presence of bed bugs.

Fecal matter or droppings of bed bugs and red stains on the bed sheets from crushed bed bugs as well as pale yellow eggs and nymphs are all signs that you have bed bugs in your home. Check out all the places where bed bugs could hide. These include furniture joints, seams of mattresses, folds or curtains and the areas underneath various items carpets or wallpaper in the house.

Prepare the Room for Treatment: If you plan to kill the tiny bloodsuckers instantly, you should prepare the room for treatment properly. This step must be followed with great attention, as it will speed up the removal process once the suitable bed bugs treatment is applied. If you seek the help of a pest control expert, they may provide you with a list of all the prep work that needs to be done.

The prep work will include:

  • Removal of clutter
  • Disposal of unwanted items which have bed bugs
  • Cleaning of carpets, linen, clothing etc
  • Sealing up open areas and cracks
  • Vacuuming floors, rugs, carpets, floors etc

While getting the room read for a bed bugs treatment, you should never move the infested items into another room which doesn’t have bed bugs. Doing so will make the pest issue larger.

Vacuuming is a good first step to bring down the number of bed bugs. So, vacuum all the areas where you think bed bugs are hiding. Once you are done with this step, dispose of the vacuum bag carefully. Put all the trash and clutter in a properly sealed bag and throw it away in a garbage bin, placed outside the house. All contaminated trash must be disposed of properly.

Kill the Bed Bugs: Once the infested room is ready, it is time to use the right bed bugs treatment method. To instantly kill bed bugs, one of the most effective methods to use is heat treatment. By using this method, you can kill the bed bugs and get rid of them in a single day. Usually, the temperature that is applied during the treatment ranges between 140°F and 145°F.

As the heat treatment begins and the temperature rises, hiding bed bugs start to come out. The bed bugs begin to die once the temperature crosses 120°F. When using this technique, the most important thing to ensure is that the heat reaches the hiding places of bed bugs. If there are items that block the passage of heat and the heat doesn’t reach the target areas, the treatment will not give the desired results. At the same time, the temperature needs to remain under control. Excessive heat can alter the structure of items or damage them altogether.

Performing heat treatment is actually the job of experts. If you lack knowledge about this method, it is advisable you take the help of a professional. A pest control expert will efficiently conduct the entire treatment.

Heat treatment is one of the best ways to kill bed bugs. However, experts suggest that it should be applied in combination with the use of residual pesticide. This is to reduce the chances of another infestation which could happen if bed bugs from other affected room travel to the room that has been treated. Apart from this method, there are many other ways for killing bed bugs.

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Insecticide-Based Treatment to Kill Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can be killed with the use of different types of insecticides available in the market. There are some insecticides that have been specifically formulated to kill bed bugs. So, don’t forget to check the label on the product. Each insecticide destroys the bed bugs in a different manner.

For example, some of the insecticides destroy the nervous system of bed bugs while other insecticides damage the protective coating of the bed bugs. Some common types of insecticides to kill bed bugs are:

Most chemical insecticides are harmful for humans and so they should be handled with care. Also, there are other insecticides which are less toxic. EcoRaider spray is an eco-friendly product that is known for its effectiveness to kill bed bugs. Whichever of the bed bugs killer products or chemicals you use, their correct application is crucial to achieve the expected results.

Cryonite Treatment – Freeze Bedbugs to Death

If you are looking to kill bed bugs without using a chemical, cryonite treatment is another ideal option to go for. Cryonite is a modern technology which converts carbon dioxide into particles of dry ice.

The dry ice snow is released from the lance of the cryonite at -110°F. As soon as the bed bugs come in contact with the freezing ice, it gets killed. Since this pest removal method uses a machine technology and not any chemical, the question of pests building resistance doesn’t arise.

While heat treatment is quite effective at the instant removal of bed bugs, it can not be used on every item. Cryonite offers an alternative to heat treatment. If you are worried that excessive heat will damage an item, you can go for cryonite treatment, which is both non-toxic and highly effective. If there is a car or truck which has been infested with bed bugs, using heat treatment can damage the upholstery of the vehicle. Here, using the freezing ice method is ideal. For the best results, pest control experts apply this method in combination with other procedures.

Have Bedbugs Invaded Your Home?

If you have an infestation of bed bugs in your home and it doesn’t seem to go away, feel free to get in touch with Activated Pest Solutions Inc, Menifee, CA. For 100% elimination, we employ a combination of different bed bugs treatment methods. First, we’ll visit your infested room and find out the history of the infestation. Then, our experts will come up with a pest removal plan in keeping with your specific needs and concerns. Feel confident that you’ll see the best results.

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