Are You Facing a Pest Problem? How You Can Get Rid of General Pests

Are You Facing a Pest Problem? How You Can Get Rid of General Pests

General Pests and How We Should Deal with Them

Different types of general pests can enter and cause an infestation in a house any time of the year. If you plan to live a safe and healthy life, you should definitely keep an eye out for the presence of bugs and pests. As soon as you catch sight of even a single insect or bug, you should take swift action. Timely action will stop the pest from multiplying and getting into other rooms and areas of your house, mansion, or apartment. You don’t just need to eliminate the pests but also take some appropriate measures to prevent their entry into your property in the future.

As long as the insects and bugs stay in the garden, you have no issues. But once they find their way into your home and take refuge there, you and your family could be at risk of getting multiple types of infections. If the infestation is in the early stage or small, you may be able to remove pests using some useful DIY techniques. To get rid of severe attacks, you’ll need professional help.

Below, we will talk about a number of general pests and how you can remove them from your property if there is an attack.


Ants move and enter a house either in search of food or take shelter. Whatever may be the reason for their presence, they could easily become a nuisance that you will want to get rid of immediately. Usually, you will notice these pests marching on the kitchen counter or in the sink. The problem with ants is that their numbers can increase very quickly leading to a major infestation.

How to Deal: If you have ants in the house, the first thing you need to do is identify their particular species. Based on the species of ants, you will be able to gather more details about their nesting habits and where they live and colonize. Species such as carpenter ants are known to cause structural damage. This means any delay in their removal can cost you heavily. Likewise, there are other species that don’t harm or damage wooden and other furniture items.

The most effective way to deal with an ant problem is to cut off their food supply so that they can’t survive. But ants can still enter the property if their colonies are located close by. To prevent a future infestation, you will need to locate their nest and get rid of it altogether using various ways.

For their removal, you can use ant traps or use a natural repellent to keep them away. You can also use insecticides such as Pyrethrin to kill ants quickly. Using Neem oil is also a safe method to kill them.


Get Rid of Spiders- MenifeeSpiders don’t damage structures or carry harmful bacteria and germs like many other general pests do. Still, homeowners don’t like to welcome them. One, because they look scary and can freak out women and kids. Also, some species of spiders are known to be venomous. These spider bites can cause pain and result in infections, particularly in kids and elderly people. For example, the black widow spider is dangerous, as its bites can lead to severe skin reactions.

How to Deal: There are multiple methods you can use to deal with a spider infestation. What is most important is to give your property proper cleaning (especially the basement) and remove those sources where they can take refuge. Cleaning is effective because it removes the small insects on which spiders prey. Use a spider deterrent, which drives spiders away with a unique smell.

Take a look outside the house and find out where spiders actually enter from. Do you have piles of wood or dark, old tires? Remove all this stuff or keep them at some distance from the house. Also, seal all the cracks, gaps, and small holes through which spiders can enter your property. Autumn is the time when most spiders move inside the house. If the spider season is near, you should prepare in advance and take appropriate steps to prevent an attack. Spiders hate the smell of vinegar and essential oils, so you can use these to repel spiders.


Bees provide us honey as well as help farmers with the pollination of crops. Of course, they are a useful part of our ecosystem. But their presence inside the house can create many issues. Once they are in, they will cause noise with their buzzing sound. Most of all, getting stung by a bee is a big problem. If you have some kind of allergy, bee stings can cause health issues. So, the idea is to get rid of bees using those methods that will not kill them, but only drive them away.

How to Deal: Using smoke is one of the most effective techniques to drive bees out of your house or apartment. You need to light the fire for a smoke right under the beehive or where you have spotted bees. Vinegar spray and garlic spray also work well in forcing bees to leave, as the bees find these smells very hateful. If you have a bee infestation in a specific area of your property, it is a good idea to plant a peppermint plan right there to get rid of bees without killing them.

Bees tend to get aggressive when you try to remove them using any of these methods. So, make sure you have the protective gear on. For further advice, talk to a specialist at Activated Pest Solutions.


Get Rid of Cockroaches- MenifeeCockroaches are a type of pest which is known to carry harmful germs and bacteria. They roam here and there in search of food. If you plan to avoid getting sick, you should take action against these pests as quickly as you spot them anywhere in your house or apartment. Usually, you will find them crawling in the kitchen, bathroom, and living spaces. One common trait of roaches is that they increase in number very fast and can spread from one area to another.

These pests will enter your home through holes in vents, cracks, and hitched onto objects you bring home from outside.

How to Deal: As soon as you spot the first cockroach in your home, you should start using various ways to eliminate them. Since they move around in search of food and water, you should first cut off their supply to these sources and then apply ways to get rid of them or kill them. Do not leave food crumbs on the kitchen floor or anywhere else in the house. Dispose of the garbage on a regular basis.

Make sure the food containers are properly closed. If there is excess moisture in any place, clean it and keep it dry. Most importantly, fill up and close all the cracks, gaps, and holes from where roaches can gain access. Boric acid proves to be quite effective in the removal of these pests. However, boric acid should be kept out of the reach of pets at home, as it is toxic. You can also apply store-bought baits and liquid concentrates to exterminate a roach infestation. If you can’t handle the cockroach attack on your own, seek the help of a pest control company.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are one of the most general pests found in homes. Once you have a few bed bugs in your house, the infestation can get severe in a short time. In just a couple of months, a few bed bugs can multiply into several thousand. The problem with this type of pests is that it is difficult to eliminate them on your own. Most of the over-the-counter products do not give the expected results. Having too many bed bugs in your home will expose you and your family to different types of health risks. An effective strategy will be required to get rid of a major infestation.

How to Deal: Removal of bed bugs is performed in multiple steps. The first thing you need to do is isolate all the infested clothing and objects so that the infestation doesn’t spread further. Hot water immediately kills these pests. So, you should give the mattress and another laundry a hot wash. You can also kill bed bugs by exposing them to cold temperatures. If you want to get rid of both the bed bugs and their eggs, you should continue the cold treatment for 3-4 days.

Bed bugs can be killed with the use of some specific chemicals such as pyrethrins, silicates, pyrroles, etc. But these are harmful chemicals, so you should take the advice of professionals when applying them.


Get Rid of Rats- MenifeeRats are one of the most annoying among all pests. Invasion of these pests can lead to electrical wire damages and the shredding of important documents. Not only that, rats can also spread many types of diseases, as they often carry harmful germs and bacteria wherever they go inside the house. These rodents make their way into your home in search of food and water as well as shelter.

If not dealt with in time, the population of rats can increase rapidly. This can put your house under severe invasion. Removal of rats will become very challenging if you ignore their presence for too long.

How to Deal: To successfully control the attack of rodents, you should look for early signs of their infestation. Key signs of their presence include a heavy ammonia smell, pellet-shaped droppings, grease marks, etc. Once you have spotted these signs, you should clean up your house and seal all the gaps and holes to stop the entry of rats. Using mousetraps is a helpful way of removing rats from your home and then releasing them outside, at some distance from your residence. Natural deterrents such as clove oil and peppermint oil also keep rats away. If the pest situation has turned into a serious one, head straight to a professional pest control company for the fast and effective removal of these toothy rodents.

Talk to a Pest Management Expert

It can be easy to remove a few rodents. But if their number multiplies, you will not be able to handle the problem on your own. If you have a rat infestation that looks uncontrollable, you should talk to one of our specialists at the Activated Pest Solutions in Menifee, CA. We use a variety of safe and tested methods to remove the infestation of rats in residential and commercial properties. All you need to do is give us a phone call and our experts will visit your home for an inspection to come up with a useful plan for pest elimination.

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